Mark C. Matthews Architecture, P.C. | Custom Luxury Home Builder & Designer In Southampton NY

Design Philosophy

We strive to find a balance between the home, the surrounding landscape, and the lifestyle and preferences of the people using the building. A balance between dramatic shapes and engineering practicality; between precision detailing and easy maintenance. In the Hamptons, the focus is often on finding the best ways to bring the impact of our breathtaking outdoor environments inside the home.

The exterior design of the home is meant to be a reflection of, and integrated with, the landscape. The interior design is based on the needs and preferences of the occupants, and an appreciation of the opportunities offered by the building site.

For example, we focus waterfront buildings on the views, trying to take full advantage of the light, the air, and the clouds over the water. We use private decks overlooking the ocean, vast expanses of windows to capture the daily changes in the light, and walkways and steps to protect the dunes.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and design a home to exceed your expectations.